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Profit Finder Can Save You Up To 30% On Dental Supplies And Equipment Profit Finder Can Save You Up To 30% On Dental Supplies And Equipment

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Profit Finder is a dental supply price comparison service. With Profit Finder, the average dentist will save an average of 15%-30%, depending on the dealer you are currently using. In most offices that is a savings of $3000-$7500 per year, every year.

Price comparison shopping is a very time consuming job that most dental offices do not have the time nor the energy to do. Profit Finder will do this task for you and your staff for about $1.00/day.

We do not sell dental products, but will order the products for you at no additional charge from our master supplier who has agreed to match the prices we have found. You may also choose to order from your favorite dealer, if they will match prices, or buy directly from the listed dealer that is selling the product at the best available price. You decide which method of ordering is best for your office, the products you wish to purchase, and we will tell you what price you should be paying.

We hope you will join your colleagues who are saving a lot of money by becoming an active Profit Finder member. To activate your membership, please call us toll-free at (800) 877-6346 or click here to join online.

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